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Need a website or an app?

EkstrLabs will make sure your appearance online looks and feels great to your users or customers, while building and designing a website or app completely tailored to your needs.

About EkstrLabs

I've been interested in computers since I was young. At high school, I started experimenting with my new laptop and Android smartphone. After building "Hello World!" apps in a lot of different programming languages, I decided I wanted to make a real app. This is how EkstrLabs started, without me really knowing it.

I decided to study IT Software Engineering, with EkstrLabs as a side-job. Now, being graduated as a Software Engineer, I am working full-time as a freelancer under the name of EkstrLabs.

Being specialised in websites and apps, front-end and design is EkstrLabs' strong point. Making sure your customers and other users are happy while working with the software is important to me.

I am always open to new opportunities, don't hesitate asking me for your next project!